Bri H.

Dr.Scott changed my LIFE!!! I am 20 years old and when I came to see Dr.Scott I was at me lowest emotionally and physically. Before seeing Dr. Scott I had tried every product, pill, diet fad like the military diet, and soup diet, endless days of excersize only to leave me unsuccessful in weight loss and feeling terribly defeated. I hated the way I looked And felt. I had heard about something called the HCG diet and felt I needed to try it for I was giving up and starting to accept the fact that I was fat and will just get bigger and bigger overtime. There was nothing I could do! I heard about the injections which were the right way to do this diet but couldn’t find a dr. To proscribe it to me so ordered some fake synthetic stuff online. It worked for a little while but left me so hungry and feeling yucky. I lost about 20lbs but suffered and was probably loosing the weight because I was unsafley starving myself. Dr.scott came along and put me on the REAL HCG. Let me tell you it was magical. No hunger, I was filled with so much energy (the b12 he gives is AMAZING), and saw amazing results everyday I was down a pound some days I was down almost 3. Today I am 65 lbs down, with 4 rounds compleated, looking and feeling the best I ever have in my life. There were a few hiccups in the road of course life happens and i just wanted to give up but Dr.Scotts support kept me going. When I’d come in to see him for weekly checkups he’d see my results and get just as excited if not even more excited then me to see such amazing progress. If it wasn’t for his help I wouldn’t know where I would be. I have a few more rounds to go but I’m so excited because I know that My goal is so close and so possible. Dr.scott text me to check in on me and make sure if I need anything he is available for me whatever it may be. I’ve been on a maintanance period for about a month now and have obtained the same weight I finished with. Although our weekly visits and scans are no longer nessasary for maintance he’s here to answer nutrition and excersize questions. I did the first few rounds with friends and they had the same amazing results. If you are looking for a diet that works and a doctor who cares go to Elite Health Hawaii. I can’t explain how wonderful this journey has been thank you so much Dr.Scott:)

P.S. throughout this diet I ate a 500 calorie diet (sound crazy but ask why it’s not) with absolutely no exercise and dropped a total of 65 lbs. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!

Jennifer H.

I battled with my weight since birth ( I was a 10 lb baby) I continued to gain 10 pounds each year. At age five I weighed 50 pounds and was referred to my first dietitian… At age 10 I went to a 12 week weight loss program at Straub for “obese” children… In my 20s I tried every fad diet from South Beach, diet pills, diet bars, soup, weight watchers… etc I tried it all.. I was a yo-yo on the scale!
I was always curvy But never huge… Until I hit my 30s and to be honest after getting married I basically let myself eat and drink whatever, whenever. That eat whatever mentality didn’t just lead me to a 95 pound weight gain but, it led me to many health problems caused by my Obesity… At 35, I had planter fasciitis, fatty liver, sleep apnea and I was also pre-diabetic. When I was told I gained 95 pounds in three years by my doctor I burst into tears.
I attempted to lose the weight time and time again. I lost a little here and there but was never able to stick to anything. That was until My aunt connected me to Dr. Scott Sanderson at Elite Health Hawaii. From our first consultation I knew Dr. Scott wasn’t like any other doctor I previously had seen for weight loss. Dr. Scott is compassionate, supportive, informative and truly wants his patients to succeed. Dr. Scott is my health guardian angel he has helped me so much! Through his HCG program at Elite Health Hawaii I have lost 70 lbs in 4 months!! I am so very grateful that I took the plunge and started this life-changing program on January 7, 2018 I seriously have not felt this alive since I was in high school!!!
Elites HCG program has brought me back to life! I feel younger, stronger and energized! I now have the energy to do anything my heart desires!! Shopping in all stores and hiking up impossible mountains! I can do hard things and my body will not keep me from getting there! To anyone out there looking to lose a little or a lot contact Dr Scott today! He will guide you through every step of the way!!!  Thank You Dr. Scott for guiding me through a program that truly works!

Amanda P.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the neat, clean and welcoming atmosphere. I was impressed how Dr. Sanderson takes his time from start to finish from answering all my questions, performing the treatment, to explaining post care instructions. Its refreshing to find a Dr who is conservative and makes sure you are happy with the results. He followed up to check on how I was doing which speaks volumes to how he truly takes pride in his work and cares for his clients.

I had great results from the aesthetic treatment he offers called the Vampire Facial. I saw results from one treatment, so I cant wait to go back and get a couple more. It helped reduce my hyper-pigmentation which was my main concern, other results I noticed was smooth, brighter, tighter skin. Within a week of the procedure, I was getting compliments on my skin by people who didn’t know I had it done.

I don’t write a lot of reviews, but my experience was so good I had to share. I know finding a good place with your best interest in mind is hard to find. I highly recommend Elite Health Hawaii, Dr. Sanderson…and the vampire facial!

Mes B.

Dr. Sanderson is extremely knowledgeable, provides exceptional services, and takes his time to listen to all concerns and explains his methods and procedures as detailed as possible. The clinic is very clean, accessible with ample parking in the building.

Michelle K.

EXTREMELY happy with the removal of facial spider veins by Dr. Sanderson. Its amazing how removing the spider veins brightens your face. The procedure used radiofrequency waves to cause the veins to disappear. The procedure was virtually painless. Results are permanent. Dr. Sanderson has a wonderful bedside manner, which relaxed me. Thank you Dr. Sanderson!

Renee O.

Love getting my vampire facials from Dr. Scott.  I’ve had my series of three and each time my face looks more amazing!!! I can wait to see it get better over the next few months!! I love that fact that he goes over the details and what to expect over the course of the treatments and what to expect.  I also like the fact that he also does fillers and dysport.  Looking forward to these treatments over the next few months.  Also with his health knowledge and getting my b12 and b complex shots, I feel much more energy, sleeping bettter and just over great!

Malia H.

Dr. Sanderson is a true gem.  My son suffers from acne scars & had the vampire facial.  His scars really bothered him.  Dr. Sanderson was amazing.  He answered all my questions & throughly explained the procedure as well as the after care. My son was very comfortable during the entire procedure.  Thank you Dr. Sanderson for taking such good care of my son, giving him hope & confidence.

Tonia E.

I scheduled an appointment for lip injections with Dr. Sanderson after hearing great reviews from a friend. I followed his Instagram so I could see the before and afters of his previous work, and I loved the natural look that he achieves with restylane. I have very thin lips and I was afraid of them looking ridiculous after filler.. Dr. Sanderson calmed my fears and explained everything to me in a way that made me feel very confident in him. My before and after pictures speak for themselves. Dr. Sanderson gave my lips volume and fullness without making them look plastic. The procedure itself was minimally painful – a topical numbing cream and a distracting device was used. I am so sooo happy with my new lips, I highly recommend Dr. Sanderson Elite Health Hawaii!

Malia S.

Dr Scott is very professional, he take his time with his consultations and doesn’t rush through his service.

Martin D.

Dr. Sanderson is an excellent doctor and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Elite Health Hawaii, Hands down the best, don’t look any further!

Michelle K.

Dr. Sanderson has such an amazing bedside manner. I felt super comfortable during my procedure. Thank you!

Suzi H.

Just had the vampire facial and my face feels great!