Spider Vein Treatments


$400 per treatment of the full face


We are the very first clinic in Hawaii to offer the quickest, safest, most effective and least painful way to eradicate spider veins from your face. Many people do not know just how easy it is to get rid of facial spider veins so they just live with them or try to cover them up with makeup. Thermavein is a technology developed in Europe that has been used there for years and was only recently FDA approved for use in the United States. Thermavein utilizes radio frequency to eliminate spider veins from your face more effectively and less painfully than both laser and IPL. Thermavein can even be used to treat the spider veins at the base of the nostril. In most patients, only a single treatment is required.

Thermavein works by compressing the tiny veins so the walls of each side are touching then we apply radio frequency for 0.2 seconds to make the walls stick together and eliminate the vein.


We can smooth the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between your eyebrows in just ten to twenty minutes. A single Dysport treatment is all it takes to improve the appearance of even severe frown lines, without the overdone “Hollywood look.”

More than half of all patients see improvement in two to three days. Results last for four months, and 97 percent of patients say they would do it again.

For veins on the legs we may use a combination of Thermavein and a chemical solution or sclerosant. The sclerosant is injected into veins up to 3 mm and causes damage to the vessel walls causing them to collapse. Depending on the extent of the vessels, multiple treatments may be required to completely treat leg veins.

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