The Six supplements that will make you more beautiful

Could the solution to your biggest beauty complaints be right on your doctor’s shelf?


It’s a funny thing.  We often look to treat the skin from the outside, but beautiful skin comes from the inside.  Taking the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals, and hormones to “grow your glow” has much further reaching benefits than just a gorgeous complexion.

1) Krill Oil

I’m sure you have heard of fish oil, but have you heard of krill? 

It’s a super food very low in toxins and heavy metals unlike fish oil.  Consider this, it provides enough energy for a massive whale, so it can defiantly power away some wrinkles!  Now don’t worry you won’t turn into a whale from taking it, in fact, other than your hydrated, beautiful plump skin there will be nothing blubbery about you. 

Krill oil is high in DHEA – the hormone responsible for creating lean muscles.    

Krill oil is high on our list for a more beautiful complexion and toned body. 

2) Vitamin-C

Topically and internally vitamin-C is a powerhouse for the skin.  As one of the most potent, and inexpensive supplements out there it should be included in your medicine cabinet.

But please do not be fooled by vitamin-C products that contain high levels of food coloring and sugars.  Sugar blocks vitamin-C receptors in the body rendering your carefully marketed Airborne practically useless (although placebo is a powerful thing). 

In topical form, vitamin-C can be a little unstable, and therefore the good stuff can cost more (but still not an arm and a leg).  A nightly vitamin-C serum is a fantastic choice for preventative aging.  It has been shown to protect the DNA of the cell, increase cell turn over, and stop free radical damage which creates a glowing and clear complexion. 

To get vitamin-C in the diet eat the rainbow.  The more colorful the food, the more vitamin-C it will have.  Oranges are often looked to for vitamin-C, however, there are a few more heavy hitters that are forgotten:

  • Broccoli
  • Peppers
  • Chili Peppers
  • Papaya
  • Cauliflower
  • Pineapple
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Kiwis (including the skin if they are organic)
  • Mango

3) Magnesium

Magnesium calms you down, increases energy, builds electrical impulses and is a powerhouse for strong bones, teeth, nails, and hair.  It is actually responsible for over 3000 functions in your body.    

Magnesium can dramatically affect hair, skin and nails.  If you have dry flakey or brittle nails, this supplement is a must.  Magnesium is also wonderful for a condition called Keratosis Pilaris which shows up as rough, bumpy patches on the back of the arms, legs, and buttocks. 

** If you have this condition you may also be suffering from gluten or lactose allergy (or both, as they are very commonly found together).

4) Vitamin-D

Vitamin-D comes from sunshine and food can definitely “grow your glow.”  Of course, you have heard about the harmful effects of sunshine, but quite honestly it is an essential element to our survival, happiness, and beauty.  Without sunshine, you become depressed, overweight, anxious and suffer a myriad of skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.

It is estimated that up to 1 billion people in the world are deficient in this vitamin – could we potentially have 1 billion more glowing, beautiful people if we were to consider supplementing? 

There are many reasons we are all becoming vitamin-D deficient but this is a supplement you should consider taking, and it should also be taken in conjunction with vitamin-K2 and calcium (they are like the three musketeers for bone health).

For daily sun exposure, 10-20 minutes in morning sunlight is best. 

5) B-Vitamins

You have most likely heard of taking biotin for stronger fingernails and longer hair but a B-vitamin complex is a more well-rounded approach than just Biotin.

There are eight B-vitamins – and all of them have B for beautiful. 

B is also for bacteria.  There is a misconception that you need to get B-vitamins from meat sources.  This is wrong.  B-vitamins (as with many other vitamins) are synthesized in the gut by our friendly bacteria.  So we don’t actually get B-vitamins from meat products, we get them from the bacteria we consume when eating meat products. 

So taking a B-complex is a wonderful idea, but so is helping out your gut bacteria, which brings us to our last supplement.

6) Probiotics

Your gut is where it all starts, and when treating any skin issue, this is the true place to look at what is causing everything.  If your gut isn’t doing its jobs:

  • eliminating toxins
  • absorbing nutrients
  • stimulating hormone creation and balance
  • acting as an immune defense
  • producing vitamins

then your skin will suffer. 

You will see dark circles, puffy eyes, acne, melasma and premature aging from dehydration …

Unfortunately, in this day and age, our guts are under attack.  Antibiotics, preservatives and highly refined foods wreak havoc on this essential and fascinating part of our bodies. 

A probiotic acts as a fantastic insurance policy and helping hand to your gut.  Beware, many probiotics are formulated poorly and unable to make it through the stomach acid to the gut. 

A probiotic is worth the extra money, and when used consistently for three months (in combination with a proper diet) there should be no need to constantly take it.  A short course every now and again (especially after antibiotics or a period of bad eating) will do the job for a re-boot. 

So stop looking in the beauty isle for a solution to your skin troubles.  Instead look to where it all starts – your guts and your insides.